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Best butcher in Brisbane. Best meat in Brisbane. Kenmore Brookfield Pork lamb Chicken Beef Grass fed

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Best butcher in Brisbane. Best meat in Brisbane. Kenmore Brookfield Pork lamb Chicken Beef Grass fed

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Best butcher in Brisbane. Best meat in Brisbane. Kenmore Brookfield Pork lamb Chicken Beef Grass fed

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Online Butcher Brisbane

When quality and customer service is important to you, at Fat Cow Gourmet Meats - we are here to deliver. We understand that due to our fast paced lives, we can find ourselves limited for time, especially when it comes to going out and purchasing our produce. We all want to be able to serve the best possible meats to our loved ones and this is why our team has decided to pair superior quality with convenience by introducing our online butcher. Anytime, anywhere, you can browse our extensive range - all you need is an internet connection.  

As soon as your order is placed, within a matter of minutes our dedicated team will be carefully hand-picking and preparing your delicious meats before delivering them in a food safe QLD licenced refrigerated delivery van. Trusted butchers around Australia are making a real come back and taking over from your standard supermarket chains, as everyday Australians are quickly discovering just how incredible the difference is.

So stop purchasing your meat from generic grocery stores and getting a lower quality product at an inflated cost! 

 At the end of the day, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to butchers Brisbane and you may be asking what sets Fat Cow Gourmet Meats from the rest? As industry leaders and experts in all aspects of butchery, we deliver on our promise of providing nothing but the best. Over the years we have built a trusted and reputable name and have become known for our quality and our service. 

Here are some of our popular gourmet and award-winning products that our customers can not get enough of: 

  • Our Gourmet Sausages - made with the freshest produce and herbs around (Winning in various categories at the AMIC latest competition)
  • We are one of the Exclusive Suppliers of Yagaburne Beef in Queensland (Yagaburne is known for producing the safest and freshest beef, free of chemicals and hormones)
  • Premium Sourced Lamb - all free range and grass fed
  • Stunning Cape Grim Beef - from the beautiful pristine fresh air of the Tasmanian Coast
  • Highest Quality Chicken - all chemical and hormone free

Through our online butcher service and with just a few clicks of a button, you will be in high quality gourmet meat heaven! Fat Cow Gourmet Meats are proud to offer you an extensive range, at your fingertips. Why wait, check out the next level of convenience today! 

Ordering is simple and easy, giving the peace of mind and confidence that you are in the most capable hands from the moment your order is placed, to the second it arrives to your doorstep with a friendly smile. We are passionate about the importance of quality grade fresh meat and will never sway from providing anything but the best and there is no exception when you engage with our online butcher service.  

When you have all the benefits of exceptional quality, taste and value for money, along with the incomparable convenience of being able to access these incredible products online and have them delivered straight to your home - What more could you ask for? 


Now ask yourself - 

Are you fed up with purchasing low quality meat at a high cost? 

Are you sick of having to fight traffic and trying to find a park?

Are you simply time-poor? 


If you answered YES to any of these, than our online butcher is here to help! 

If you are looking to really WOW your loved ones and guests with the mouth-watering, fresh products that ALWAYS deliver on flavor and (even better) have it all delivered to your front door - FAST! Than Fat Cow Gourmet Meats has you covered!


At Fat Cow Gourmet Meats we are masters of our craft and pride ourselves on the personal relationships we build with our customers, (whether in-store or through deliveries) and the continued outstanding experience they have with us. We won’t just meet your expectations - we will exceed them. Access the best butcher Brisbane has to offer, from the comfort of your own home today, with Fat Cow Gourmet Meats Online Butcher Brisbane. You won’t be disappointed, that’s our promise to you.